iPhone 8 to come with no physical button

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iPhone 8 to come with no physical button 1

Recently Apple launched their iPhone 7 and 7 Plus ,which was an specification upgrade to the iPhone 6s and also minor tweaks in the design of the phone. But next year , the 10th Anniversary of the iPhone is what everybody is talking about right now. The phone is said to come with all glass body and higer screen is to  body ratio just like what we saw on Mi Mix. Apple recently filed patients for foldable display, fingerprint sensor integrated to the screen etc.Read on.

The phone is said to have zero bezels integrating all the parts to the screen and apple is said to use OLED displays. Apple will launch 3 new smartphones next year, tweaked 7s and 7s Plus, while the third one is said to be called iPhone 8 which may come with an surprise the fans. The phone is said to have all latest features and will be the most innovative device apple had launched in past 5 years. The phone is said to boast Apple’s A11 Fusion chipset coupled with 4 GB of RAM and may boast Dual rear camera. So let’s see what Aple has in its shelves for next holidays.

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